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According to The Washington Post’s “2014 In/Out List,” BuffaLOVE is IN for 2014. If you’ve ever been into our shop, you know that loving on our city is nothing new for us! In honor of this popular article, we thought it would be a great time to tell you about a few of the Buffalo-themed gifts we have available for you at The Perfect Gift!

Stop in soon to see all of our Buffalo-centric merchandise!

Are you looking for a new way to build on your faith journey? Or maybe you’re just looking for an opportunity to meet women with the same core values as you. This Beth Moore bible study is the perfect way to do just that!

The “Daniel” Bible Study series is an in-depth women’s bible study on the story of Daniel, and how he faced pressures to compromise his faith that many Christians can identify with today. This is a two-part study, held on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM from January 29th through April 9th.

The first part of the study focuses on Daniel Chapters 1-6, and shows how Daniel models integrity while facing pressures and temptations. In today’s society, we as Christians can sympathize with many of the challenges Daniel faces with keeping his faith and living a life of integrity in a self-centered world.

Part two of the study dives into Daniel Chapters 7-12 and the prophecies from the time of Daniel through the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The Beth Moore Bible study will be held at the Event Center “Annex” on Main Street in Clarence.  Leave a comment below if you are interested in signing up, and we will be happy to give you more information!

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